X Rose New York

Was established in 2012 with headquarters in Long island City, Queens in New York, By Mr Amin Amin

He  believed that even the smallest changes can make a big difference. and by Supporting and promoting  organic products not only supports organic farming, it also keeps millions of chemicals out of our environment and our bodies.

He  wanted to empower others to take charge of their health. Together we can contribute to a healthier tomorrow.


Our Mission:

Is to Promote eco-friendly retailer offering the best brands in the organic beauty industry.

All products are personally selected to ensure they contain safe and effective ingredients.

Product lines include skin care, cosmetics, bath & body and hair care for women

Our Products:

Performance We especially look for products that perform not only as well as, but better than their conventional counterparts. They should be effective and a luxurious experience to use in their texture and aroma.

Purity We investigate “extracts” and ingredients “derived from” natural ingredients while seeking the highest percentages available in certified organic ingredients.

Potency There are some lovely, clean, green products out there for very affordable prices. They may even tout the same natural active ingredients that higher priced products have in them. The question is; how much of the formulation is active and how much is filler? Natural ingredients have a limited shelf life and can lose potency when exposed to too much heat, air or chemicals. Ask how active ingredients are processed and filtered to preserve potency. Remember, higher potency is a win-win for you and the environment. Less filler means less waste.

Provenance We seek products and ingredients made locally, responsibly or Fair Trade. We also research factors like preservation of biodiversity. “Where is it from?” is an easy question to answer for an apple but for a moisturizer, you may need to investigate a dozen sources.

Principles The company that manufactures a product should be independently owned, ethical, charitable, responsible and consistent. Although we love how many conventional product manufacturers now have added green products to their offerings, we prefer to support only companies who are dedicated to making safe, green, ethical products across the board.

Packaging It is prerequisite that the packaging be ZERO-WASTE but it’s also important that it be pretty! Needless to say we’re obsessed with all things beautiful inside and OUT. If a bottle doesn’t look pretty enough to leave out on the vanity or furnish the guest bathroom, ultimately we’re not going to use it. Spirit Beauty Lounge is all about attracting women to greener products and in order to attract, they have to look attractive!