Helan – Face Skin Care

helan-logo-nieuw1All skin types – combination, dehydrated, oily or sensitive – need the most suitable products to ensure the best treatment.
Enhancing the skin’s potential starts with an appropriate daily cleansing routine.
Perfectly cleansed skin maximizes the effects of any treatment, which is why using the following is essential:

  • gentle Cleansers and Toners that thoroughly remove impurities and leave the skin fresh and lowing.
  • Masks that work to quickly take care of problems, banish fatigue and prepare the skin for the application of
  • Creams that will keep the skin looking and feeling young and prevent the signs of aging.

Helan’s face treatment system offers four complete lines of products to ensure the best results for each skin type in two phases :face-skin-care

Selected vegetable extracts, natural oils, mineral salts and vitamins for the specific treatment of all skin types:

Linea viso 1 – Mixed and normal skin

Linea viso 2 – Dry, dehydrated skin

Linea Viso 3 – Greasy and impure skin

Linea viso 4 – Delicate and sensitive skin